Casio FP-200  Powerful Library



I am Marcus von Cube, marcus@mvcsys.de, http://www.mvcsys.de

Download the archive: http://www.mvcsys.de/download/fp200-library.zip

This is the contents of a vintage cassette tape for the FP-200 compact computer sold by Casio in the early 80s of the last century. I found the tape on eBay in February 2011.

What you see here is the result of recovering the files from the tape with the help of my CASette I/O Utilities (http://www.mvcsys.de/doc/casioutil.html).

I used Audacity on a Mac to record the tape as a WAV file and cut it in 12 separate recordings. Then I let the programs wav2raw and list850 analyse the data. The wav files you find here have been treated with wav2wav in order to make them better suitable for ZIP compression.

The two JPG files are scans of the cassette box inlay with the instructions.

Command lines for waw2raw, wav2wav and list850 ({nn} is the program number):

wav2raw -b {nn}.wav {nn}.bin wav2wav original\{nn}.wav wav\{nn}.wav list850 -2 -w wav\{nn}.wav > {nn}.lst list850 -2 -b {nn}.bin > {nn}.lst

The forth command works on the files created by wav2raw. Results are identical. The original wav files are not included here, they do not compress well enough.


01 "D-ASM" Disassembler

02 "P-GRAPH" Plotter-printer Graphic Tool

03 "INV-CTRL" Inventory Control (needs floppy disk drive)

04 "CUSTOMER" Customer Management (needs floppy disk drive)

05 "BUDGET" Budget Control (needs floppy disk drive)

06 "B-ANL" Business Analysis and Charting

07 "R-ANL" Regression Analysis

08-1 "FREQ-1" Frequency Distribution Table - Part 1

08-2 "FREQ-2" Frequency Distribution Table - Part 2

09 "EQUA" Simultaneous Equations of the First Degree

10 "HEX-CAL" Hexadecimal Calculation

11 "HEX-DUMP" Hexadecimal Dump

Some programs seem to be broken as they contain garbage after the final program line or even line numbers in non ascending order (11). I tried to fix the garbage problems but the strange numbering in program #11 has been left as is. If you load the program into an FP-200 via the tape interface, it will look exactly as in the listing here.

Have fun!


Wehrheim, Germany, 

Feb 20, 2011